Meet Monay, Powered by Nudge, at Global FinTech Fest in Mumbai, India 2022

The third edition of Global FinTech Fest 2022 or GFF 2022 is back and we are thrilled to announce our participation in this flagship event as one of the Silver Sponsors. Presenting our product Monay, powered by Nudge, we are geared up to enrich the experience of the digital-next businesses with first-of-its-kind CPaaS platform coupled with secured digital payment solutions from Tilli Software. The attendees, visitors, and participants can locate us at booth #E11 & E13 from 19th September to 22nd September, 2022.

This global platform at GFF 2022 has given Indian FinTech fraternity a welcoming opportunity to showcase its unique, affordable, sustainable and equitable models of FinTech leaderships.

Tilli Software: Creating Footprints in the FinTech World

Aligning to the theme of sustainable financial world and adhering to India stack’s vision of “identity, data, and payments at population scale”, the company Tilli Pro is introducing its unique FinTech Solution, “Monay, powered by Nudge”. One of the paired products, “Nudge CPaaS platform” provides a digital voice to businesses of all sizes enabling them to efficiently communicate with their customers through personalized omni-channel digital messages. The is integrated with, a global payment gateway, and plethora of backend ERP systems that power today’s economies.

The cumulative potential of Nudge & Monay reduces the dependency and hardship associated with technology, allowing businesses to spend more time on customer segmentation, message personalization, and financial reconciliation while increasing operational savings. With multi-language support and preference management, Nudge.PRO offers the best payment experience in the industry.

Team Tilli Pro at Global FinTech Fest 2022

The team led by founder & CEO Mr. Ali Saberi, leadership team, product owners, partner acquisitions and business development team are attending the event with an aim of adding value to the experience of the people visiting the booth or other events at the venue.

Catch up with our experts to digitize and streamline your customer communication experience for better reach, engagement, or payment collection that can boost your business bottom line.

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I am Speaking(Ali Saberi) in GFF Event 2022 - Monay powered by Nudge

CEO Mr. Ali Saberi: Speaker at the in-panel discussion on 20th September

Join our CEO, Mr. Ali Saberi in an insightful discussion on “Raising the Bar-Delivering Extraordinary Customer Experience” along with other experts in the FinTech space to uncover the hacks of building an extraordinary customer experience. The discussion is scheduled for 20th Sep, 10:40 am to 11:30 am.

The enriching talk would include everything around preference-based communication, role of analytics in mining customer behaviour data, the art of strategic outbound communication, how to increase ROI with the use of Omni-channel CPaaS, and much more that can place your business among your customers, just the way you want.

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Try your chance to win an iPAD every day!

Monay, powered by Nudge, is excited to organize an engaging activity at the GFF where the participants can take a chance to win an iPAD every day by participating in a Lucky Draw.

All you need to do is to either sign up online or at the Booth #E11 & E13 at the venue to get registered for the lucky draw.

Every day one winner would be announced at the booth with immediate giveaway of the iPAD.

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Win an iPAD @GFF 2022 Event - Monay, powered by Nudge

A Glorious Past Leading toward a Promising Future

At Tilli Software, we have two decades of successful history in SAP consulting and ERP solutions offering tailor-made technology solutions to a number of customers and clients in the US, Canada, and Middle East. With PCI-DSS level-1 compliance, ISO-27001, SOC-compliant status and PayFac approval, our company is all fuelled to make a progressive trajectory in the Indian market with its physical presence in the city of Hyderabad equipped with a dynamic team having the required skill set. We are here to supercharge the customer communication experience of businesses at every level and power the payment processing system with speed and security.

Tilli Software at Global FinTech Fest 2023,
Mumbai, India 5th-7th Sept, 2023 Booth E 19 E21.

☐ B2B Payout Solution ☐ Payment Gateway ☐ BBPS Biller Onboarding
☐ Digital Customer Communication ☐ Customers Experience

Get ready to witness an extraordinary showcase of fintech innovations as Tilli Software participates in the Global FinTech Fest, 2023 in Mumbai. The company is all set to unveil a stellar lineup of cutting-edge solutions, including the game-changing B2B Payout Solution, Banking as a Service, Digital Ledger, Consumer Wallet, BBPS Biller Onboarding, Payment Gateway Experience, and Digital Customer Communication System.

Attendees are invited to embark on an immersive journey of innovation, collaboration, and endless possibilities at Tilli’s booth E19 and E21.

Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to secure a meeting with Tilli’s experts, where you can explore the transformative potential of their fintech solutions.

Key Themes and Topics:

  • B2B Payout Solution
  • Payment Gateway
  • BBPS Biller Onboarding
  • Digital Customer Communication
  • Customer Experience

Tilli at Global Fintech Fest 2023: Embracing the Future of FinTech