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Timely Payment is the Key for Any Business! Vendor Payout Automation Need-of-the-Hour!

While vendors submit invoices along with goods or services, they look for timely payment. Every organization is trying to manage vendor payments based on cash flow, however many organizations are now moving towards disciplined “Revenue Management” that includes both pay-in and pay-out. Most of the businesses, online or offline, have implemented advance payment or pre-paid

Why Do You Really Need a Quick Payment Settlement for Businesses?

Immediate payroll payments, settling dues on time, refilling the inventory, and running operations smoothly require rolling cash flows – this is all possible with instant payment settlements. The best business practices ensure operational efficiency, better control over funds, and healthy liquidity which is possible with a steady cash flow. Be it your inventory requirement, paying

The Changing Landscape of B2B Payments and Market Trends to WatchOut

Over the past few years, consumers are having easier payment experiences with contactless mobile payments and many other options like digital wallets, UPI, and payment apps. This makes the burgeoning growth of the B2C market obvious. But what about B2B payments? The increasing use of digital channels and automation across different industries have lifted the

Frictionless Payments are Driving the New Customer experience in Utilities

Key Topics Covered Earlier when ratepayers did not have the option to choose their utility provider, the utility firms weren’t very concerned about how customers and consumers engaged with their product. Now, in a digital-first world, utility providers need to re-evaluate their traditional methods of consumer communication, in order to meet the demands of today’s